Weekly Art Classes for Adults

Explore your creative side

Clay sculpture


Explore a new skill from the very beginning, or reignite your love of art.

A trial session is available to see if the class is right for you. After this, you’ll join for the rest of the term to really learn and build your skills. 

Time for you

Our art classes are completely absorbing, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.


Our programme is personalised to each individual student and is therefore suitable for all levels – whether you’re a total beginner (and never picked up a brush before), or want to build on your abilities. Students work at their own pace, meaning you’ll never be playing catch up.

Mixed media


A structured course, designed by the leading art education company in the UK. 

The course builds skills with every project, exploring a variety of mediums and techniques; from graphite, watercolour and acrylics, to clay, pastels, and inks. You’ll constantly explore new fields of study and be able to shape the course to your interests. 

Safe hands

In safe hands

Our teachers are trained to encourage individual creativity, by creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. 

Become a life-long learner under the care and guidance of our fully trained artist- teachers.

Connect with your creative side

Everyone is born a creative, but it can take time to connect with that creative part of ourselves. However, at art-K, we believe, no matter whether you’re a complete beginner or someone reigniting a past passion for art; everyone can develop their artistic and creative skills.

Art class is where you can enjoy time to focus on something purely for you. Whether that’s seeing your tonal drawing start to take shape, watching the line your paintbrush makes or waiting whilst your watercolours merge and transform on the page in front of you. The joy of focusing on something small or large scale, will bring clarity and calm to your life.

We teach in small groups in dedicated studios, with everyone going at their own pace. Everyone is on their own personalised programme, so you won’t compare yourself with the person next to you. We find this creates a non-competitive atmosphere, allowing the whole experience to be focused on you, learning something new.

 Over time, we see our students grow significantly in confidence, feeling proud of what they’ve achieved. 

90 minute classes.

All art materials are supplied. 

Variety of times available – daytime and evening sessions. 

Meet new people and make new friends!

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Community building art classes