Be Inspired

Weekly art classes for adults

art-K supports adults to develop their artistic skills in small group classes. Over time, our students grow significantly in confidence, expression and creativity. 

The classes are designed to enable anyone, at any level, to receive the individual attention they need to develop their artistic skills. Before each student starts, we find out what they’re looking to learn, which enables us to design their personalised programme. Everyone goes at their own pace, with the teacher’s support at every step. 

Our Studios

Many art-K studios are powered by 100% green energy and, where possible, they use air flow heat pumps (instead of radiators or gas heaters) to keep energy consumption to a minimum. Any energy that is consumed, we offset with Ecologi; you can see the garden we’re growing here!

In our studios, we up-cycle materials, incorporating plastics into the structure of our 3D projects. 

Our Teaching

We approach every student individually; finding out where you are at before suggesting a way to achieve your goals. If you are a beginner, we have an inspiring range of projects that we can work from, which will build skills in a medium of your choice. You are also welcome to bring along something you want to achieve, and we’ll break it down into steps with you.