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Our Hampstead studio is run by Jacobus. Before joining art-K, Jacobus worked for a number of years as a primary school teacher, where he was both a behaviour lead and part of the senior team. Alongside teaching, he is also constantly developing his own artistic practice developing animations.

Lucia is an illustrator who loves drawing, painting and storytelling, and is most happy in a studio environment sharing her passion for art. She thinks that putting pencil to paper and seeing all of the wonderful artwork and creations students make is magic!

Anja is an illustrator who works in editorial, product illustration, poster design and more. She is also a lover of traditional craft and likes to knit, sew, do pottery, make paper and bind books. Passionate about enabling students to express their creativity, her favourite part of working in art education is seeing students step out of their comfort zone and create work they never thought they were capable of creating.


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Art Classes at our Hampstead Studio

Art classes are taught in our art studio at 84 Mill Lane (on-street dropping-off and parking).

Our classes will allow you to build skills and experiment with exciting art techniques and mediums including graphite, watercolour and acrylics, clay, pastels and inks. You’ll constantly explore new fields of study and be able to shape the course to your interests. Both new and experienced artists are welcome at our studios; our teachers are trained to encourage individual creativity in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. We can’t wait to have you!

For children’s classes, find out more here.