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Emma is a local artist, who works in paint, print and sculpture. Since graduating from Falmouth University with a first-class Fine Art degree, Emma has shown internationally, exhibiting throughout the UK and New Zealand. She is extremely passionate about teaching, valuing the opportunity to encourage creativity and build confidence, self-expression and community through making art.

Afsheen studied Graphic Design and Photography in the UK and abroad, and has a deep passion for teaching. She believes that teaching art has helped her develop a deeper understanding of her own practice. It has improved her creativity, her knowledge, and her ability to help her students flourish. 

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Art Classes At Our Walton Studio

Art classes are taught by Emma and Afsheen in our art studio at 74 Queens Road.

Our classes will allow you to build skills and experiment with exciting art techniques and mediums including graphite, watercolour and acrylics, clay, pastels and inks. You’ll constantly explore new fields of study and be able to shape the course to your interests. Both new and experienced artists are welcome at our studios; our teachers are trained to encourage individual creativity in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. We can’t wait to have you!

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