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Our Wandsworth branch is run by Julie. Julie studied Fine Art at university, where she focused on oil painting, before moving on to making and fitting period costumes for the stage and screen. Julie has also worked as a primary school teacher, where she had the opportunity to enhance children’s creative education, and to nurture their confidence and skills. 

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Art Classes at our Wandsworth Studio

Art classes are taught in our art studio at 93 East Hill (parking restrictions lift at 4:30 in nearby roads, so classes start at 4:35).

Only at art-K is each student’s artistic journey nurtured individually by working on their own project and progressing at their own pace, which allows students to feel in control of their creative self-expression in a non-competitive environment. Our classes allow students to discover and experiment with exciting art techniques and mediums including shading techniques, watercolour, acrylics,  paper sculpture, mixed media and clay sculpture to provide constantly engaging learning opportunities.

For children’s classes, find out more here.

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